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Direct Mail & Small Business

Direct Mail Works for Small Businesses

Direct mail isn’t just for big businesses. It’s a popular marketing tool used by companies of all sizes and can be particularly successful for small businesses that only want to send out a few hundred or a few thousand pieces at a time.

Smaller, regular mailings allow a business to stay in touch with customers and help ensure that their products and services stay top of mind. Examples of small business mailings include:

  • The real estate agent that sends out postcards showcasing their newest home listing
  • The local restaurant that mails out coupons
  • The lawn care company that sends out oversized postcards to local homeowners
  • The local non-profit group that sends out monthly newsletters
  • The consultant that sends out personalized letters to his prospect list
  • The wholesaler who mails out a catalog to retailers

Direct mail is affordable and delivers a tangible message into the hands of prospects. Here are some of the basics about direct mail to consider:

Minimum 200 pieces.

In order to get any type of postage discount, you need to mail a minimum of 200 of pieces at the same time.

Automation saves postage.

A mailing house can provide barcoding and pre-sorting to get you the lowest postage rates possible. Often, what you save in postage will cover the mail houses’ service fees.

Postcards, newsletters, letters, catalogs and packages.

Direct mail can take many forms, shapes and sizes.

Good mailing lists produce good results.

You can save money by keeping your mailing list up to date. Updating addresses, removing bad contacts, and checking for data entry errors builds a strong list. The cleaner your lest, the less you’ll pay to have the mail house fix these items for you.

Buying a targeted mailing list is easy.

Don’t have your own mailing list, or looking to add to your current list? Your mail house can help you define and purchase a list of names and addresses for your next mailing.

Design help is easy to find.

Need someone to help you create the perfect mailer? Your local printer or your mail house can help. Use their experience and creative talents to your advantage.

Mailing houses save time.

Folding letters, stuffing envelopes, addressing and affixing postage may look simple, but they all take time. Add on the paperwork and delivery to the post office, and it makes sense to let a mail house handle this for you.

Direct mail works for businesses of all sizes. Give us a call at 440-835-5872 to discuss your next mailing project to learn more about requirements and costs